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Various Configuration Options & Features

These settings and options help to improve the user experience but are certainly not required.

Log Users in Automagically

Since this is an AD application it would be great if the users did not have to enter credentials every time they access the site. However, Internet Explorer has some great security features, one of which will not pass in credentials to requesting sites automatically unless it is sure the site is safe, more importantly in the Local Intranet security group. If you open up the Internet Explorer “Internet Options” toolbox and select the “Security” tab there is an icon for “Local Intranet”, click it. There is also a button right below called “Sites”. Simply enter in the FQDN or IP Address of the application. You may need to restart IE for it to take effect.

For the more GPO inclined user you can also set the above setting in Group Policy to cut down on all of the work. The Petri forums have the answer.

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