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Development Requirements

Currently the requirements are fairly standard as compared to most web development projects. We have broken the individual requirements out below into categories to make things a bit easier to comprehend. Please note that you may not need all of these requirements in order to actually compile the project.

Repository Information

We have chosen to keep using Subversion hosted by CodePlex as our repository. GitHub is great and all but we find the issue tracking and discussion features of CodePlex easier to use. We do not have plans to convert the repository to Git or Mercurial right now.

You can use the standard CodePlex information to commit or download the current source. We do ask that you read the popular SVN Book before committing code change though.

System Environment

  1. Active Directory - Obviously the point of this project is to allow users to perform self-service tasks off of an Active Directory environment. You do not need AD running in order to compile the project, but you will need it to run the project. In addition you will need access to an account that can both read and write to the directory.
  2. Active Directory Federation Services - We will be adding support for ADFS to SSO-enable the application. This is not required to compile or run but if you wanted to test it you must have it setup somewhere.
  3. MS SQL Server - We have added support for MS SQL Server Compact Edition so a full blown edition of SQL Server is not required to compile or run but it may be useful for testing.

Development Environment

  1. .NET 4.0 - Latest and greatest version of the .NET framework is required.
  2. Visual Studio 2010 - Fully patched of course. We develop using a minimum of the Professional Edition so we can't speak to the compilation in an Express Edition. If it works let us know so we can update this post.
  3. SVN Client - You're choice. We utilize both TortoiseSVN and AhnkSVN.
  4. NuGet - We rely on NuGet for package management and more important, to keep all of our packages up to date. NuGet is also required to compile as it will download all required packages upon first build as we do not include them in the source code tree.
  5. Windows Identity Foundation - If you want to develop or test with ADFS you must have the latest WIF SDK & Tools installed.
  6. Metro Studio - We have been using SyncFusion's Metro Studio to help with image generation and icons. It's a great tool and currently free!

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