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uManage Community

Jul 15, 2010 at 12:09 AM

Hello All,

Lots of notes and discussion going on today.  We wanted to get an idea of who was using uManage to see how effective it is.  I think most of our users will agree it has a lot of the features a commercial product has but is free and open source.  If you like please post your name, title and the company or organization you work for.  I think it will help us build out the community.  It may also help us determine if we should create a seperate website in the future to host a better forum interface and let us customize things for our users.


Jan 14, 2013 at 11:38 PM

Not sure if this is still an active project, but what brought me here was looking for a single pane to manage user creation along with mailbox creation as newer Exchange implementaitons now require two seperate locations to do what the older Exchange 2003 fixed for us. We are a medium sized company and have a limited IT staff, so any help in automation or "one-stop" applications are very important to us. This app is very close to what we are needing, for the first initial phase of providing even the Help Desk with a single point of data entry to provision and "retire" user accounts and mailboxes in an AD / Exchange environment. Eventually we would like the Managers of each department to step in and fill out a form that is pre-populated with AD data from other "like" users. Once the form is submitted, Help Desk reviews, assigns any other tasks (Such as building computer for) and then approves the form/request, then an automated process completes the entries needed to provision or delete the user/mailbox in AD/Exchange (powershell scripts?). Exchange 2010 ECP is great for basic mailbox changes, but mailbox creation and removal is nowhere to be found without using the Exchange console or CLI.